Matthew Evans

I am a 25+ year industry veteran with a knack for architecting creative, scalable, and secure hybrid-cloud solutions.

I'm currently employed by a FinTech startup, managing the multi-cloud (Azure + AWS) infrastructure and security teams. Previously, I was responsible for launching and securing a $200 billion AUM hybrid-cloud SaaS platform & hedge fund, I managed the global HQ infrastructure and security team for HondaJet through first-flight (I'm at 3:48 in the video), and I volunteer my free time on privacy projects such as Tor, I2P, and Monero. There are a couple kids, a dog, and a pretty amazing wife I have no idea how I landed in there too.

Feel free to utilize our super-fast 10Gbps public Monero node running on AMD Zen 3 hardware:

Charlotte, NC (Ryzen):

We offer fast and secure Tor bridges for public use - contact us for our bridge info (or request one directly from the Tor Project here):

Switzerland: Metrics


I'm available for contract consulting for (very) select projects. Contact me via Protonmail at [email protected].
Need to send me something securely? You can find my PGP key here.